Yohimbe 101: Natural Supplements To Boost Your Sex Life

March 16, 2016
Yohimbe 101

As part of our effort to keep you informed on the various natural options available in the world of sexual enhancers, we’re giving you basic information about several of them.  Here, we’re having a look at yohimbe.

What Is Yohimbe?

Also known as yohimbine, yohimbe is produced from the bark of a tree native to West Africa.  It’s a pretty recent arrival to the Western supplement market (though it’s been popular among native Africans for centuries), and is also available as a prescription for erectile dysfunction, commonly called yohimbine hydrochloride.  The prescription form is highly regulated, and the amount of yohimbe in other supplements varies widely, depending on how much is in the original bark.

How Can Yohimbe Improve My Sex Life?

Yohimbe is known to improve blood flow, dilate blood vessels, and lower blood pressure.  Since erectile dysfunction often comes down to problems with blood flow, the benefits here are obvious – in fact, it is prescribed as an ED treatment in some countries.

What Else Will Yohimbe Do for Me?

In addition to its bedroom benefits, it may aid in weight loss.  Some preliminary studies suggest it may inhibit receptors in the body that prevent you from shedding fat – not enough for dramatic weight loss, but a little.

What Side Effects Should I Watch Out For?

As always, you should talk to your doctor before adding yohimbe to your supplement regimen.  Too large a dose can cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure, while more regular use can raise your blood pressure and heart rate.  In addition, men taking medication to improve their urine flow may find that adding it to the mix sends them to the bathroom even more often; those with prostate or kidney problems should also avoid taking it.  Lower-grade side effects can include anxiety, nausea, dizziness, headaches, and abdominal cramps.

It is less effective for women in general, and especially should not be used by pregnant women – it’s been known to cause miscarriages, problems with fetal development, and poor-quality breast milk.

Phalpro takes yohimbe’s side effects into account when formulating our all-natural sexual performance enhancer.

March 16, 2016

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