Velvet Bean 101: A Great Natural Libido Booster

March 7, 2016
Velvet Bean 101

The world of natural sexual enhancements is as overwhelming as it is vast.  Fortunately, it’s easy to find out more about the wide variety of options out there, and start determining which is best for you.  Here’s a quick breakdown of what velvet bean, one of Phalpro’s active ingredients, can do for you.

What Is Velvet Bean?

Native to equatorial jungles and commonly used by indigenous tropical cultures the world over, velvet bean is a fairly new addition to the supplement scene, in part because its seed pods are covered in tiny, stinging hairs that cause intense pain and itching.  However, once a brave soul gets past these pods long enough to process the seed beneath, velvet bean makes a great addition to your daily regimen.  Now that it’s on the market, velvet bean is widely available in health stores and online, without the hassle of the seed pods.  It’s currently most commonly used in North America as a treatment for depression.

What Can Velvet Bean Do for Me in the Bedroom?

Velvet bean is one of a very, very small number of natural sources of L-dopa – also known as dopamine, one of the brain’s key pleasure chemicals.  Increased dopamine in your body will help you get in the mood for sex faster and stay there longer.  It has also been shown to boost testosterone production, increase men’s sperm motility, and help women manage painful menstruation symptoms.  Men having trouble with premature ejaculation may also find that velvet bean helps eliminate this embarrassing problem; in addition, it can reduce the recovery time between ejaculations, helping you keep the good night going longer.

What Other Benefits Does Velvet Bean Have?

Dopamine isn’t the only positive brain chemical naturally found in velvet bean.  It also contains serotonin, tryptamine, and any number of other mod-enhancing chemicals (so potent, in fact, that velvet bean’s being studied as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease) – all without the trouble of pharmaceuticals!  All those feel-good chemicals can also stimulate muscle growth.  Regular velvet ban consumers have also reported deeper sleep and more vivid dreams.  Its natural nutrients also help lower cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as boosting bone density.

What Side Effects Do I Have To Watch Out For?

As always, talk to your doctor before altering your daily regimen with a supplement, especially if you’re pregnant or already taking pharmaceutical antidepressants.  Velvet bean has some psychoactive properties, so you’re best off not taking it constantly.  Start with small doses and work up from there, and give yourself a week off after every two weeks of use.  Otherwise, long-term use hasn’t shown any major side effects so far.

March 7, 2016

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