Top Libido Enhancers for Men: 10 Names To Get You Started

February 15, 2016
Top Ten Libido Enhancers for Men

When you’re starting to look into ways to rebuild your libido and get some spice back into the bedroom, all the options can look overwhelming at first. Here’s a handy list to help you get to know some of the most common male libido enhancers and supplements out there, many of which come with money-back guarantees if you find yourself unsatisfied.


With zinc oxide, tribulus terrestris, and epimedium at its back, among many other ingredients, Enzyte both promotes prostate and vascular health and boasts big returns in the bedroom, in erection size and overall satisfaction. At $40 per month’s supply, Enzyte is also one of the more cost-effective supplements on the market.


While an exact list of ingredients is unavailable, Erectzan does contain a number of natural amino acids, herbs, and well-known aphrodisiacs. It claims to boost your ability to get and hold an erection with no known side effects to watch out for. One month’s supply costs $50.


Likely one of the best-known options out there, ExtenZe includes a wide range of ingredients, including folate, ginger, black pepper, yohimbe extract, and zinc. It claims to boost libido and provide better orgasms, alongside its erection-aiding abilities. One month’s supply runs $60, and side effects to watch out for include nasal drainage and cold sweats.


With a blend of ingredients including l-arginine, tribulus terrestris, and piper longum, Longinexx boasts great results in the bedroom without the hassle of a complicated pill regime, or noted loss of efficacy if you forget to take it for a day or two. However, there’s not much information about its effects on your sexual stamina, and the manufacturer’s vague on what sort of growth results you can expect. One month’s supply runs $40.

Male Extra

Male Extra’s chief ingredients are pomegranate and l-arginine, which promote your body’s nitric oxide production and help improve your sex life. This one also claims to promote permanent penis growth with long-term use – whether it does that or not, it does promote better blood flow (which in turn promotes better erections), and has no reported side effects. A month’s supply will set you back $64.95.


A newcomer to the male enhancement scene, Maxis10 has started off strong, reformulating to include l-arginine and saw palmetto for maximum bedroom boosts. In addition, saw palmetto and some of its other ingredients promote prostate health, which never hurts! However, while Maxis10 has a lot of testimonial support, there’s not a lot of clinical research to back it up. A month’s supply runs $50.


Among ProSolution’s ingredients are old standbys like ginseng, as well as zinc, reishi mushrooms, and arjuna. ProSolution boasts improvements to sexual stamina, erection hardness, and overall pleasure, with no reported side effects; however, you have to take it twice a day for maximum effectiveness. A month’s supply is $60.


Triverex relies on ingredients like epimedium and red ginseng to provide the same ED-fighting gains you get from Viagra. Satisfied customers have also reported better sexual performance, longer, harder erections, and even reduced anxiety and increased energy. One month’s supply costs $60.


VigRX costs $76.99 for a month’s supply (buying more at once can net you a discount, though), but with that slight increase in cost comes a higher promise of effectiveness. With horny goat weed extract, gingko, red ginseng and damiana in the mix, among other ingredients, VigRX offers better, longer-lasting erections and better orgasms, which can only improve your bedroom experience. Side effects to watch out for include headaches, insomnia, and tiredness.


Vimax relies on a cocktail of natural ingredients, including cayenne pepper, saw palmetto, and ginseng, to get the job done. It claims to boost libido and increase sexual stamina; however, overuse can lead to some side effects, including nausea and sleep problems. One month’s supply will set you back $60.

If none of these quite do the trick for you, consider Phalpro with horny goat weed, the safe, effective, all-natural libido booster.

February 15, 2016

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