Tongkat Ali 101: Supplements for a Better Sex Life

March 30, 2016

Continuing in our look at the vast and varied world of natural sexual enhancers, here’s a quick breakdown of tongkat ali.

What Is Tongkat Ali?

Native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, tongkat ali is a medium-sized tree with a long tradition of local medical use, to treat anything from high blood pressure and fatigue to malaria.  Its root contains eurycomanone, which works to jack up your body’s testosterone production and trick it into making more than its natural peak.  This makes it an effective treatment for low testosterone levels.

Tongkat ali is facing endangerment in its native environment, in addition to being incredibly difficult to harvest from rainforests; local governments are establishing plantations to counteract this problem and meet demand for the extract.  When shopping for extracts, it’s important to look for one that specifies extract strength and is free of metallic contaminants.  Do not buy tongkat ali powder, and look for distributors that buy directly from Southeast Asia; it’s a very easily faked product.

What Can Tongkat Ali Do for Me?

It is a powerful natural booster to your body’s production of testosterone.  Not only that, but it inhibits your body’s natural signals to decrease testosterone production, allowing you to keep producing testosterone beyond your natural peak.  Testosterone is one of the key hormones to a man’s sex drive, making tongkat ali a surefire libido enhancer.  In addition, the boost in testosterone levels can help you build muscle mass, lose fat, and get stronger.  It may also increase sperm count and quality, and improve your ejaculation quality.

Tongkat ali isn’t only effective for men – women naturally produce a little testosterone themselves, and the boost in production from this extract can boost a woman’s libido, as well as making her erogenous zones more sensitive.  That increased sensitivity will lead to an improved experience in the bedroom for you both!

What Side Effects Do I Need To Watch Out For?

As always, and especially because it’s primary effect is to increase testosterone production, talk to your doctor before adding an extract supplement to your regimen.  It’s side effects overlap with those of general increased testosterone, and primarily include increased aggression, anxiety, and restlessness or insomnia.  Because women naturally produce and need less testosterone than men, women should take a smaller dose of tongkat ali; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid it.

Rather than taking tongkat ali supplements alone, consider Phalpro, the safe, effective, all-natural libido booster.

March 30, 2016

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