Quick Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

February 10, 2016
Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Lack of interest in sex happens to everyone, at one point or another. But never fear – just because you’ve found yourself in the doldrums doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you! Here are some quick tips to get the spark back into your relationship.

1. Exercise! If you feel good about your body, you’ll feel more like showing it off to your partner. Among its other benefits, frequent exercise increases blood flow (yes, including to the genitals). If you need something low-key in the exercise department, look into yoga.
2. For women, Kegel exercises in particular might help! Kegels, recommended to pregnant women to help strengthen the pelvic floor before birth, can also help you get more out of your sex life – they’re some of the muscles that contract during orgasm. These are the muscles that control your urine flow, so paying a little extra attention when you’re on the toilet can pay off in the sack! If you’re really dedicated, there are Kegel exercise balls available for purchase.

3. Talk to your doctor about your health concerns. Some medications can interfere with sexual desire and performance. Additionally, if you’re having trouble with erectile dysfunction, DO NOT self-medicate – like any other drug, Viagra and the like can interact with any other medications you’re taking, so it’s important to run possible side effects by your doctor.

4. Keep an eye on your stress levels. Sex helps relieve stress, but if you’re too worked up over the rest of your daily life, it’s hard to get into the mood. Take a little time to unwind, meditate, or do something you find soothing.

5. Get six to eight hours of sleep every night. Feeling properly rested is key to making sure you have the energy to do everything you need and want to throughout the day, including using your bed for something other than snoozing.

6. Eat well, and try to include foods that improve your sex drive and performance. Healthy eating will improve your self-confidence, while unhealthy eating slows blood flow. Some foods that are known to boost the libido include coffee, ginseng, figs, chocolate, bananas, and gingko biloba.

7. Talk to your partner about what you want, both in and out of the bedroom. Communication is key to a healthy sex life – after all, if you never tell your partner you’re feeling dissatisfied with the same old thing, how are they supposed to try anything different? Talking about your sex and everyday lives might also uncover some sources of stress that you can then remove.

8. Stop smoking, if you do. Aside from the famous negative effects smoking has on your health, it also slows blood flow throughout the body, which can interfere with sexual performance. On top of that, the smell, yellow teeth, and other immediately obvious signs of a smoker can be a major turn-off!

If your bedroom life is suffering, give one or more of these tips a try! You just might revive your relationship in the process.

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February 10, 2016

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