Maca Root 101: A Great Sexual Health Supplement

March 9, 2016
Maca Root 101

To help cut down on the confusion about the vast and overwhelming world of natural libido enhancers, we’re taking a look at the basics about a number of them.  Here’s a quick rundown about maca root, a common ingredient in a number of sexual health supplements, including Phalpro.

What Is Maca Root?

Native to South America, maca root is part of the broccoli family (the root looks like a radish), and an old, nutritious staple in herbal medicine.  Maca’s many uses include sexual health, of course, as well as boosting energy and stabilizing your mood.  It has a natural abundance of fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins, making it a great addition to your health regimen.  It has a nutty flavor, which makes it a great addition to a smoothie.  It’s widely available in powder form; start with about a teaspoon, mixed into water, fruit juice or a smoothie, and see where that takes you.

How Will Maca Root Help Me in the Bedroom?

Maca root is a natural hormone balancer, right in B vitamins, calcium and magnesium.  Since the reproductive system is entirely driven by hormones, maca’s bedroom benefits become apparent in a hurry.  It can help regulate your fertility, energy levels, libido and more!  For women, it can also help relieve severe PMS and menopause symptoms.

What Else Can Maca Root Do for Me?

In addition to its sexual health benefits, it is an adaptogen, which helps boost your body’s immune system and emotional health (ginseng acts similarly).  Maca root can help battle symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and relieve migraines.  A number of athletes take maca root supplements as an alternative to steroid use.  Not to mention, the energy boost maca root gives you doesn’t leave you all jittery the way caffeine does.  It may also improve your memory function.

Another physical problem brought on by out-of-whack hormones is acne.  Since it helps regulate hormonal cycles of all sort, taking it may help lead to clearer skin!  It’s also recently been shown to nourish skin, possibly by boosting collagen production – it may well help keep you looking younger for longer.

Are There Any Side Effects To Watch For?

As always, talk to your doctor before adding maca root supplements to your daily regimen.   If you have thyroid issues, breast cancer, or PCOS, your doctor might nix maca root.  Maca may interfere with the effectiveness of your contraceptive.  Otherwise, there are no known major side effects!

If you get the okay, take your maca supplement in the morning or early afternoon, so its energy-boosting properties don’t keep you up all night.  Ease into a dosage slowly so your body has time to adjust.  At high doses, make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

March 9, 2016

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