Dark Chocolate: The Inside Scoop

August 16, 2016
Dark Chocolate

The problem with a lot of things that are good for you, whether you’re simply eating your vegetables or looking for supplements that will boost your health and vitality, is that they don’t taste so great.  Fortunately, there’s at least one natural ingredient that both brings great sexual health benefits and tastes great: dark chocolate.

How Chocolate Helps

Chocolate’s natural ingredients bring a lot of great things to the table, especially when you’re looking for a quick libido boost.  Chocolate is a great natural source of L-arginine, an amino acid that’s excellent for heart health and blood flow – and we all know that blood flow can be key to reviving a flagging sex drive!  L-arginine also lowers blood pressure and boosts nitric oxide production, which are great for both your heart and your more intimate organs, and contains iron, helping prevent anemia.  In addition, the flavonols naturally found in cocoa beans help prevent plaque buildup in your arteries, reducing the risk of major heart problems.  Keeping your heart healthy will let you continue having sex for more of your life.

Chocolate is also known to boost energy and mood, thanks to its high levels of theobromine and PEA (phenylethylamine).  PEA ramps up your body’s production of dopamine, which helps you feel great and gets you in the mood faster, and theobromine stimulates the central nervous system, giving you the energy to keep up your romantic pursuits for longer.  Chocolate also contains a little bit of caffeine, which also boosts your energy – chocolate isn’t anywhere near as dramatic a stimulant as coffee, but it’ll give you a leg up.

On top of that, chocolate is a major natural source of magnesium, which greatly boosts your brain’s processing power.  Just one or two squares a day can increase your concentration and productivity, between the magnesium and improved blood flow to the brain.  Epicatechin, one of chocolate’s other key ingredients, can help prevent the buildup of plaque in the brain, reducing the risk of dementia.

Chocolate’s naturally occurring antioxidants also help slow aging, fight age-related chronic illnesses, and can even help your body fight off typical winter colds.  It can rejuvenate your skin and hair, kickstart your metabolism, and spur muscle growth.  In addition, theobromine doesn’t just give you energy – it actually strengthens your teeth’s enamel, making chocolate, somewhat paradoxically, good for your dental health.

Why Dark Chocolate?

It’s better to have dark chocolate than sweetened or milk chocolate if you’re looking to eat it for its health benefits.  The more processing chocolate goes through, the sweeter it gets – and the more good stuff gets cooked or fermented right out of it.  Milk chocolate has fewer flavonols, more fat, and more calories, not to mention all the other unhealthy goodies that get added to chocolate bars, and white chocolate has virtually no health benefits.

It’s also sad but true that chocolate’s most active ingredients are available in higher amounts in other foods, ones that are unquestionably healthier all around.  And since a lot of chocolate’s best health benefits come from ingredients with bitter tastes, healthy chocolate isn’t always as palatable as sweet chocolate.

If you enjoy some dark chocolate in moderation, though, it can bring great things into your life!  Its long history in association with an improved sex life has quite a bit of truth to it – fortunately, it doesn’t in fact seem to cause acne or raise cholesterol, when eaten in small amounts – and its ingredients can help you outside of the bedroom as well.

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August 16, 2016

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